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Are you Traveling?  Check out our kennel free in home dog boarding!    All humans clients love bringing their dogs here while they travel.  We bet your dog's vacation is more FUN than yours


About us - Dog boarding, Puppy training, Dog exercise plans

DOG BOARDING - 905.630.2029

Dog You can relax knowing that we are giving your pet the best personal care and attention ever.   Watch our videos or drop in for a tour so you can understand why we are such a popular place for your dog's overnight stay.  Christmas, Spring Break and the summer months are especially busy so be certain to book us as early as possible.  

A fun centred vacation for dogs is not just about a nice property, a cozy home and a great website. What goes on behind the scenes for your dog is the really special part.  Doc Pawsitive has been offering Farmtastic overnight dog boarding and puppy training since 2015.  We  have proudly set the standard for kennel free dog boarding ever since our first day!  

The whole day and night is spent caring for your pup so they are as comfortable with us as they are when they are home with you.  We continually strive to provide the best possible experience for each and every dog in our care.  Our $75.00 per night dog boarding fee means there are NO EXTRA CHARGES and you are guaranteed that your pup is happy, and well loved.

PUPPY TRAINING - 905.630.2029

All puppy training is organized on an individual basis.  We believe that all dogs need to be well mannered and well socialized so that they are great family members.  We provide a minimum of 4 classes and teach foundational concepts to all puppies.  From the beginning it's important that your puppy learns the following skills in a variety of settings;  Sit, Down, Stay, Come, Leave it, Watch me, and leash walking.  

DOG WALKS  (or dog park visits can be organized too)- 905.630.2029

We pride ourselves on serving our clients fully.  Most of our clients begin by asking us to train their puppy.  Then, we develop an exercise routine that includes a minimum of 3 walks per week because puppies need consistent reminders so that they grow in a way that helps them be the best furry family member. ever  THEN, When you travel and can't bring them, you bring them to stay with us at the farm because they know us so well!  

Overtime, we GUARANTEE you too will rely heavily on this FULL CIRCLE OF CARE because your dog is treated with the same love and kindness they get with you!

YES, we can help!

Dog Boarding - If you pride yourself on spoiling your pup, and you have to leave them home, you have found the right place.  

  • $75.00 per night  for 2 nights or less.  
  • $50.00 per night for 3 nights or more 

Puppy Training - Do you want a well mannered dog?  We train your puppy to be well behaved from the beginning! We are accepting applications for puppies 8 weeks- 12 weeks old now!  Call 905.630.2029

  • Ask Us about our Starter Pack $100.00 for 4, one hour classes 

Dog Walks - Does your dog need more exercise or time with other dogs?   We are happy to walk your pup. or take him to a dog park.  Call us to arrange an individualized plan!  60 minute dog exercise plans (including dog walks) start at $25.00  per hour.  Call us today. 905.630.2029

Want some help puppy proofing your home b4 puppy arrives?

Need help with planning for your new puppy training? Insert your email and help is on the way!

overnight Dog boarding is $75.00 per night FOR 2 NIGHTS OR LESS. $50.00 PER NIGHT FOR 3 NIGHTS OR MORE

All dogs have full access to the host's cozy restored Farmtastic home including the furniture! Schedule a free visit today!

Still not convinced we are the best dog boarding and dog sitters available?  Come schedule a tour and ask us for our specialized plan-of-care for your furry baby.   Just give us a call 905 630 2029

All dogs are walked on a long leash so they can roam and sniff everywhere. Our safe private orchard trails keeps all dogs very busy! Lots of bunnies, squirrels and deer to see every day.

All dogs begin each day with a 60 minute walk on our private orchard trails.    Each furry baby also enjoys a walk at mid day and early evening too.  We will send you pictures or videos of their daily travels so you can see they are LOVING their staycation.

Guaranteed 2 dog playdates AND 3 walks every day

A great dog sitter provides lots of training and exercise for your pup.  What other dog boarding provider GUARANTEES that your dog has two doggie play dates per day and 3 walks per day!  Always supervised and always safe farmtastic fun!  Don't worry - we treat them like royalty just like you.

Puppies come to you not knowing how to behave.  Just like children, puppies have to be taught how to act in the house, with other dogs and during play.  We can help!  Effective puppy training is critical key.  Contact us BEFORE the puppy arrives and we will help you, and all family members, every step of the way.  

Vacations for the most pampered dogs

Over Night Care

Over Night Care

Over Night Care


Our clients are the first to admit that their dogs are super pampered and that leaving them behind while the family travels is super hard!  That why our clients seek us out.  Depending on the number of pets and your pet care needs, all overnight plans are customized at an average cost of $75.00 per night

Over Night Care

Over Night Care


Do you need a dog sitter because you travel?  Are you worried about your dog when you travel?  When we meet we develop an individualized plan for your special pup.  Farmtastic vacations means 100% of your dog boarding needs are met every day.  We limit the number of dogs clients to two per night so that we spend lots of time playing, walking and loving on your pup.  

Farmtastic overnight stays include 3 walks each day, treats, feeding and medications, and as much playing and cuddling inside and outside as your furry friend can handle. 

Dog Boarding

Over Night Care

3 long walks per day


All Farmtastic dogs must be approved for overnight stays in our loving farm setting.  Each day of pampering begins with a long leash 60 minute walk on our PRIVATE orchard trails.  With Mommy or Daddy's approval, dogs can go for a supervised swim too!  3 walks and two separate play dates every day PLUS full access to our kennel free home (and all our furniture) means your dog stays in the lap of luxury!  

3 long walks per day

2 dog play sessions every day

3 long walks per day


2 dog play sessions every day

2 dog play sessions every day

2 dog play sessions every day


Unlimited texts and videos

2 dog play sessions every day

2 dog play sessions every day


Video Proof that your dog will be happier than ever!!

Dog Boarding Specialists - The best vacation and dog sitters your dog will ever have!