About Us


My name is Cathy Klein and I lead our pet care team. Puppies and dogs are my greatest passion and have created an environment here at the farm that your dogs will LOVE.  Having trained more than 200 puppies and their handlers, I have a ton of experience helping you with your puppy and dog  care needs.   We proudly specialize in providing specialized kennel free dog boarding and positive puppy training.  Call us today 905.630.2029


This company was formed so that we could help busy executives like you have it all.  When you are as busy as you are, you need "Executive" type help!   Together, we create a plan of care so that your  pup, and every family member, thrives as your new family member learns how to behave well.     Whether it's puppy training, dog walks, arranging dog play dates,  driving to groomers or vet appointments, we have staff dedicated to meeting your needs.  

Yeager (white), Ozzy (grey) and Quincey (yellow) after a long morning walk.

Here at Doc Pawsitive our expertise in activity and exercise science extends to all of our dog clients.  We all know regular exercise can prolong the life of your pet by reducing obesity and other chronic health challenges, and we strive to keep them active and content while they are here.    We pride ourselves on customer happiness and will update you as much or as little as you want!!  Text, videos, emails are all part of the way we make sure you have a great trip away from home and you are confident that your dog is well loved while in our care.  Remember we limit our overnight care to two dog clients here at once! (Quincey the Golden Retriever lives here so there is NEVER more than 3 dogs here for walks and playtime).

Dog Boarding, puppy training, dog walks/exercise

Dog Walks/Exercise

Lots of our clients ask us to walk or exercise their pup several times each week..  Call us today so we can help set up an individualized exercise plan that can include play dates, dog park visits or dog walks.  905.630.2029