Different Types of Dog Walks for all kinds of dogs!

Walks are great for lots of reasons.  Murphy is pretty low energy and loves to be with people best.  His Mommy wants him to get a little more exercise so we created a plan of care for him that includes three 60 minute slow moving walks each week just like this!  If Murphy wants some dog play time, we also bring in his BFF Quincey to play with him in his backyard!  Call us today 905.630.2029

Higher Energy walks

High energy Griffin is a spry, 1 year old dog that we have enjoyed since he was 12 weeks old.  Since he wants to run and play more, we built a plan of care that includes more strenuous running and playing.   We also build in some repeat training for him too because exercising his brain is tiring for him too!  We often work on his leave it, come when called, and maintaining the heel position.  Call us today 905.630.2029

DOC PAWSITIVE can help you every week

Dog Walks


Does your pup love walks?  We can visit your home and take your pup out for a 60 minute walk.  As professional dog trainers, we know how to make sure they get the exercise they need every day.  A tired dog is a happy dog!

Dog Play Dates


We are here to help!  We can help arrange dog playdates, or bring your pup to a nearby dog park!   Your furry baby can have all the TLC they need if you let us help - call us today and we will arrange all the details.    

Dog Walks and Dog Parks


Sometimes, dogs need more exercise.  For some clients we provide a combination of dog walks and dog park visits.  As dog care professionals, we can give you some feedback on what may be ideal for your dog.  Let us help!   

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